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This unit is focused on introducing the skills and knowledge required to work effectively within a business setting. It includes identifying the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers and conducting business in accordance with the organisation's goals, values and standards.
Work within organisational requirements

  • Occupational groupings in a business environment:
Occupational groupings.pdf
Question 1: List the types of jobs you think fall under the umbrella of Business Services

  • Organisational goals and objectives outlined in mission, vision, values, standards:
Orgabisational values.pdf
Question 2: What are the organisational values of your school? Briefly list some appropriate organisational values you think should be included.
Question 3: Define mission statement, goals & objectives, Vision.

  • Employer and employee rights:
Rights and Responsibilities.pdf
Question 4: Distinguish between a right and a responsibility
Question 5: Copy and complete the following table by stating whether each area is a right or a responsibility.

Area Right or Responsibility Explanation


Privacy of colleague information

Knowing the terms and conditions of your employment

Obeying lawful orders

Protection from discrimination and sexual harassment

Right to union representation

Safety and care with respect to OHS

  • Obeying lawful orders:
Obeying lawful orders.pdf
Question 6: We don't get to choose our parents, nor do we get to choose our managers or supervisors. But if you could choose the perfect supervisor, what characteristics and qualities would you expect him or her to display?

  • Contract of employment:
Contract of employment.pdf
Question 7: In which documents would you expect to find hourly rate of pay, weekly wage or yearly salary stated?

enterprise agreement
  • Awards and Enterprise Agreements:
Awards and Enterprise Agreements.pdf
Refer to the attached document or the NSW Office of Industrial Relations to answer the below questions.
Question 8: What is an award?
Question 9: What is an enterprise agreement?

  • Unfair dismissal:
Adobe  Portable Document Format Unfair dismissal.pdf
Question 10: When can an employer dismiss an employee

  • Industrial relations:
Adobe  Portable Document Format IR and Trade unions.pdf
Question 11: Write down 3 of the most important reasons why you think many workers choose to join a union.
Question 12: Complete activity J. (last page of the attachment)

  • Discrimination and equal opportunities:
Adobe  Portable Document Format Discrimination.pdf
Question 13: Complete the activity on discrimination. (last page of the attachment)

Work in a team

  • listening to colleague opinions
    • Attitude
    Question 14: Complete the activity on attitude. (last page of the attachment) Attitude.pdf

    • Teamwork
    Using your own knowledge answer the questions on teamwork below.
    Question 15: Define team.
    Question 16: Define Teamwork.

    Question 17:
    Write down 4 advantages and 4 disadvantages of working in a team.

    • Importance of respect and sensitivity
    Question 18: Explain the importance of the following:
          • respecting others you work with
          • cooperation between colleagues

    • Conflict
    Question 19: Complete the activity on conflict found in the attachment. Conflict resolution.pdf

    • Workplace Bullying
    Use this workplace bullying link to answer the below questions.
    Question 20: Define workplace bullying.
    Question 21: What are the 3 different forms of bullying in the workplace?
    Question 22: What are the legal ramifications of inappropriate workplace conduct?

    Develop effective work habits

    • Balancing work and personal life
    Question 23: Identify 4 other strategies that could promote an employee's balance of work and life within the workplace. Balancing work and personal life.pdf

    • Personal Presentation
    Question 24: Complete exercises 8 and 9 from the attachment. Personal presentation.pdf

    At the end of the unit each student will sit a topic test based on the above information and activities.
    The topic test for year 11 will be on 1st July 2010 (week 11)

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